May 19: United States Coast Guard Silent Drill Team to Perform at Tattoo

We are thrilled to welcome the U.S. Coast Guard Silent Drill Team to this year’s Cleveland International Tattoo (May 19, 2018). For ticket info and info about the other performers, please visit this page.

What goes into making a top-ranked precision Silent Drill Team?

Coast Guard Drill Team

Coast Guard Drill Team

The United States Coast Guard starts with the pick of the yearly crop of recruits, fresh out of recruit training (boot camp) and assigns them to the elite 60-member Honor Guard. Then, the Honor Guard along with the Drill Team’s Drill Master holds tryouts among its own when positions become available. It is these 16-20 selected from the 60 who become the award-winning U.S. Coast Guard Silent Drill Team.

Members of the Drill Team have double duties in the Honor Guard. Their first duty is to the Honor Guard to serve in capacities to include: Firing Party, Body Bearing Team and Colors. When not involved with their Honor Guard duties, the Drill Team is on the road, representing the Coast Guard in a wide variety of parades, competitions and celebrations.

The key to the team’s success is its spirit of elite teamwork. The process of building the team begins with the Honor Guard’s careful selection of members from Coast Guard Training Center (boot camp or recruit training) located in Cape May, New Jersey.

Being a highly respected and dedicated unit in its own right, the Honor Guard begins by taking only the cream of the crop of recruits, chosen for their high marks in dress, drill, personality, and service motivation. These recruits receive orders to the Honor Guard base of operations, at Coast Guard Telecommunication and Information Systems Command (TISCOM), in Alexandria, Virginia, where they go through the required training necessary before being accepted and advanced to the rate of Seaman.

Upon each available opening on the Drill Team, which is determined by the Drill Master, these seaman, already team-oriented, are selected and given the opportunity to try out for the Drill Team. For a month in advance, each applicant also known as a “Drill Team Prospect” works closely with members of the present Drill Team to prepare for their first performance. Once a prospect has advanced in his or her initial training they are placed in an actual Drill Team performance. If the member successfully completes the performance with no flaws they are then accepted on the Drill Team where they continue to hone their skills.

In order for the team to become one cohesive unit they practice five days a week for a minimum of two hours each day. They learn the special disciplines of ceremonial drill and deportment. They learn to precisely execute the standard manual of arms presentations. Most of all, they learn to work as a team, leaving any differences of opinion and racial, regional or religious background behind.

The result is a team of men and women who take pride in their reputations as one of the finest ongoing drill teams in the nation. This year’s team will receive many new invitations to participate in both military and civilian parades and competitions, and, if the past is any indication, will be asked back again by many who’ve already enjoyed their performances.