May 15 & 16, 2019: Annual Street Survival Seminar

Detective Bill Gray

Detective Bill Gray

From the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association:

We invite you to the Police Memorial Week Street Survival II® 2019 Seminar May 15 & 16, 2019,  which qualifies for CPT credit hours. Special Guest Speaker Detective Bill Gray will relate his harrowing experience fending off a violent attack in which he lost 5.5 pints of blood. We are honored to have this Purple Heart recipient share with us this harrowing story of survival!


WHERE: Doubletree Cleveland Downtown Lakeside Ballroom
1111 Lakeside Ave. E., Cleveland, OH 44114

HOTEL: $139+ with Discount Code “CAL” Phone: 216-928-3247
(Group Name “Calibre Press Street Survival”)

DATE: May 15-16, 2019 • 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Single Registration: $249
Groups of 3+: $229 per person (use discount code AAA20)
Groups of 6+: $209 per person (use discount code AAA40)

For more information or to register a larger group. please contact Linda Arnold at 630-460-3247 or

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Special Guest Speaker Det. Bill Gray, Purple Heart Recipient

On November 14, 2014, Detective Bill Gray was tasked with locating a missing teenage girl when he was attacked by a man said to be connected to the girl. This attack was an attempt to kill Gray, pinning him to the seat of this unmarked squad, slashing and stabbing him repeatedly in his hands, face, and throat. After losing 5.5 pints of blood, Det. Gray was able to fend off the violent attack and fatally shoot the suspect. We are honored to have this Purple Heart Recipient share with us this harrowing story of survival!

Science is the backbone of this two-day event focusing on what impacts the profession, the mission and the officers: Stressors. We examine two types of stress that impacts on duty human performance as well as off-duty behavior and attitudes: Sudden Onset Acute Stress & Cumulative/Chronic Stress. We examine the research that reveals The Fatal Four leading causes of officer deaths and fatalities both on and off duty:

1. Felonious Assaults
2. Vehicle/Traffic Related Incidents
3. Physical Conditioning – Heart Attacks
4. Emotional Health – Suicide


Legally Justified Force….but was it Avoidable?
De-Escalation for Safe and Successful Resolutions
The Graham Standard: Legal Parameters of Using Force
Stopping Assaults Before They Begin
The Mudroom: In the Fight
Approach Tactics: People, Vehicles, Buildings
The Science of Human Performance & Applications for Training
The Role of Civilian Peace Officers as Guardians of the Democracy
How Being Unprepared for Stress Causes Serious and Sometimes, Fatal Mistakes
Reading People: Detecting Danger Cues & Preattack
Physical & Emotional Health Statistics, Realities & Solutions
Effective Communication Skills
Off-Duty: Are you living the life you and your family deserve?
Road Wise: Vehicle & roadway related dangers
The Impact of Bias on Objectivity