Swine Gear Coffee Co: 15% Off Coffee May 13-19!

Night Shift blendWe are thrilled to share a promotion that Swine Gear Coffee Co. is offering. Use discount code POLICE2018 for 15% off your entire coffee order between May 13-19, 2018! Order their products online.

Swine Gear Coffee Company is a first responder run company owned by Dan Weinmann, a full-time LEO whose wife, Sandi, works in the healthcare field. Says Weinmann:

“I have worked the night shift for the last six years. Anyone who has experienced the graveyard shift knows at 4 a.m. our bodies tell us to go to sleep. I struggled to find a good tasting coffee that would do the trick, and that’s why I created our Nightshift blend.

“Our coffee is not only for us night shifters; we offer a light morning blend called Dayshift and an all-day blend called Auxiliary. We gear our coffee to the men and women who work behind the scenes to make every day possible. Swine Gear Coffee is for men and women in the military, law enforcement, fire, EMT, health care, and all other first responders, along with the everyday hardworking AMERICAN!

“We want to bring to you a quality, delicious, affordable cup of coffee. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our coffee.”

We extend our thanks to Dan and Sandi Weinmann for offering this special discount during Police Week!