Muzychenko, Sergeant Michael W.

Michael W. Muzychenko

END OF WATCH:  November 25, 1977
Lyndhurst Police Department
Age: 37

Each person that comes into police work brings something special to the job. They bring a part of themselves that fellow officers remember long after they are gone. “Big” Mike Muzychenko was a part of this department for a brief 10 years. At 37, he was older than the average rookie cop but he brought with him 8 years of military experience earned in the U.S. Navy as well as an abundant amount of life experiences.

He was a man of many smiles and kind words. Mike worked hard at his job as a Lyndhurst Police officer. As a patrolman he was a field training officer, passing on his knowledge and experience to younger officers. After 9 years as a patrolman, Mike was promoted to Sergeant. Mike was always there for his men under his command, be it a call for service or someone to talk to if a personal problem was troubling them.

In his private life, Mike and his second wife Diane were busy raising their combined families of 5 children. Mike enjoyed his hobby as a builder of model planes and ships and was an active volunteer with the Make A Wish Foundation.

On November 25,1997, while working as the shift supervisor on the 11-7 shift, Sgt. Mike Muzychenko went into the city jail to assist other officers who were having trouble with an intoxicated female prisoner. While attempting to handcuff the female, Mike suffered a fatal heart attack.

The loss of such a fine person shocked this small close knit department.

On November 28,1997, hundreds of law enforcement officers from the greater Cleveland area attended services at St. Cyril and Methodist Church in Lakewood.

Sgt. Mike Muzychenko’s name is inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Panel 18, W-22.

By: Anthony Adinolfi, Lyndhurst Police Department