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PhotoOfficerEnd Of WatchDepartment
Apanites, Detective John Jr. Monday, April 07, 1969Cleveland Police Department
Armstrong, Patrolman William P.Sunday, March 09, 1919Cleveland Police Department
Baca, Deputy JosephSaturday, August 28, 1976Medina County Sheriff's Office
Barnes, Detective Sergeant David H.Wednesday, April 28, 1920New York Central Railroad Police Department
Bartek, Patrol Officer Shane H.Friday, December 31, 2021Cleveland Police Department
Bastock, Police Officer JonathanSaturday, February 05, 2011Stow Police Department
Bayne, Patrolman Virgil T.Saturday, December 18, 1937Cleveland Police Department
Becker, Night Watchman RupertMonday, April 10, 1916Amherst Village Constables Office
Beingesser, Detective HaroldMonday, July 29, 1935Cleveland Police Department
Bennett, Sergeant Robert W.Wednesday, October 25, 1972Parma Heights Police Department
Beuerlein, Patrolman Michael B.Thursday, May 20, 1926Parma Police Department
Block, Patrolman Albert Albert Friday, February 11, 1921Cleveland Police Department
Bode, Patrolman GeraldSaturday, December 18, 1937Cleveland Police Department
Bohl, Police Chief John R.Tuesday, October 25, 1966Chardon Police Department
Borgman, Patrolman William G.Tuesday, April 20, 1926Cleveland Police Department
Boscarelli, Patrolman Dominick J.Thursday, August 23, 1979Olmsted Township Police Department
Bouker, Patrolman Leroy E.Thursday, November 28, 1912Cleveland Police Department
Brenner, Marshal George Monday, July 16, 1883Wellington Village Marshal's Office
Brentar, Patrolman George M.Wednesday, October 10, 2007Euclid Police Department
Brown, Patrolman Michael W.Thursday, December 08, 1994Garfield Heights Police Department
Brown, Patrolman William Saturday, September 29, 1917Cleveland Police Department
Buckner, Patrolman Roy Jr. Monday, November 11, 1968Cleveland Police Department
Buettner, Detective John S.Tuesday, August 09, 1932Cleveland Police Department
Burmeister, Patrolman Chester Wednesday, December 23, 1964Cleveland Police Department
Burmeister, Patrolman William F.Sunday, October 20, 1935Cleveland Police Department
Butler, Detective Edward Sunday, November 03, 1929Cleveland Police Department
Buttermore, Patrolman George J.Monday, May 24, 1926Shaker Heights Police Department
Carlin, Patrolman Martin J.Saturday, August 03, 1935Cleveland Police Department
Catalano, Patrolman Nicholas R.Wednesday, December 26, 1956Mayfield Heights Police Department
Chance, Patrolman Clarence CerillFriday, May 30, 1947Cuyahoga Falls Police Department
Chapman, Patrolman Walter C.Tuesday, August 22, 1911Cleveland Police Department
Chihil, Police Chief MichaelSaturday, January 01, 1972Newbury Police Department
Clark II, Detective Robert JamesWednesday, July 01, 1998Cleveland Police Department
Claybrooks, Patrolman Edward Jr.Friday, December 27, 1996Cleveland Police Department
Cleary, Patrolman John J.Tuesday, January 04, 1938Cleveland Police Department
Connolly, Captain Edward B. Wednesday, September 08, 1920Cleveland Heights Police Department
Cook, Detective ThomasMonday, July 12, 1920New York Central Railroad Police Department
Crapo, Village Marshal Spooner C.Saturday, November 11, 1905Rochester Village Police Departmen, Lorain County
Cudnik, Sr., Patrolman Hilary S.Monday, December 30, 1996Cleveland Police Department
Deal, Patrolman Charles C.Friday, November 06, 1925Lorain Police Department
Dean, Police Officer Jarod M.Monday, January 19, 2009Boston Heights Police Department
Decker, Patrol Officer Mark S.Friday, January 31, 1986Veterans Administration Police
Dyke, Patrolman August E.Thursday, March 24, 1921Cleveland Police Department
Effinger, Patrolman George C.Monday, March 20, 1933Cleveland Police Department
Officer David FaheyFahey, Patrolman DavidTuesday, January 24, 2017Cleveland Police Department
Flemke, Patrolman AlbertThursday, March 22, 1928Cleveland Police Department
Ford, Patrolman Ernest L.Wednesday, September 19, 1928Cleveland Police Department
Foulks, Detective Lieutenant William L.Saturday, September 29, 1900Cleveland Police Department
Frantz, Patrolman Charles J.Tuesday, April 14, 1925Cleveland Police Department
Froelich, Sergeant Henry W.Monday, September 25, 1916Cleveland Police Department
Fromm, Patrolman PeterFriday, February 13, 1925Cleveland Police Department
Gaffney, Patrolman PatrickThursday, December 19, 1918East Cleveland Police Department
Gates, Night Watchman John H.Tuesday, April 18, 1916Medina Village Marshal's Office
George, Deputy Michael J.Monday, January 09, 1961Lorain County Sheriff's Office
Glaefke, Patrolman Elmer P.Thursday, September 13, 1917Cleveland Police Department
Glivar, Sergeant Dennis N.Sunday, August 14, 1994Garfield Heights Police Department
Goetz, Sergeant Charles H.Saturday, May 06, 1916Cleveland Police Department
Goggin, Patrolman James F.Friday, January 13, 1939Cleveland Police Department
Golonka, Patrolman LouisTuesday, July 23, 1968Cleveland Police Department
Goodwin, Patrolman JamesMonday, May 04, 1942Cleveland Police Department
Grair, Patrol Officer Benjamin F., Jr.Friday, August 05, 1983Cleveland Police Department
Greller, Patrolman William J.Friday, September 18, 1964Cleveland Police Department
Gresko, Police Officer JasonFriday, September 21, 2012Willoughby Police Department
Grey, Deputy Ernest C.Wednesday, July 16, 1919Willoughby Township Marshal's Office
Griffin, Patrolman DennisMonday, May 14, 1923Cleveland Police Department
Griffin, Patrolman Raymond H.Monday, May 30, 1938Cleveland Police Department
Guenther, Patrolman Arthur W.Tuesday, December 19, 1961Cleveland Police Department
Haas, Patrolman Forney L..Saturday, December 08, 1951Cleveland Police Department
Hahnel, Patrolman Michael J.Monday, October 20, 1924Shaker Heights Police Department
Hakaim, Patrolman TomSaturday, April 03, 1971Cleveland Police Department
Hauschild, Detective Lewis Saturday, September 22, 1945East Cleveland Police Department
Haydu, Patrolman JosephSaturday, May 19, 1956Cleveland Police Department
Holbert, Patrol Officer Ernest C.Tuesday, October 27, 1987Cleveland Police Department
Houser, Patrolman KennethWednesday, April 02, 1969Cleveland Police Department
Hubbell, Patrol Officer JohnMonday, June 04, 1979Cleveland Police Department
Huber, Patrolman Steve J.Thursday, May 11, 1967Cleveland Police Department
Hudec, Patrolman William R. Tuesday, August 30, 1955Cleveland Police Department
Hulligan, Detective WilliamTuesday, February 8, 1887Cleveland Police Department
Humr, Patrolman FrankFriday, October 29, 1965Cleveland Police Department
Isaac, Sergeant William C.Monday, December 01, 1919Cleveland Police Department
Janes, Patrolman Edwin M.Saturday, April 17, 1926Shaker Heights Police Department
Jirecek, Marshal OttoFriday, March 31, 1939Solon Police Department
Johnson, Patrol Officer Anthony J.Wednesday, October 21, 1981Cleveland Police Department
Jones, Lieutenant LeroyTuesday, July 23, 1968Cleveland Police Department
Kerstetter, Patrolman JamesMonday, March 15, 2010Elyria Police Department
Kick, Patrolman MichaelSaturday, May 15, 1875Cleveland Police Department
Kilbane, Patrolman SamuelThursday, April 19, 1923Cleveland Police Department
Kirk, Patrolman GeorgeThursday, March 30, 1944Lorain Police Department
Kloka, Patrolman BrianTuesday, August 29, 1967Broadview Heights Police Department
Koran, Patrolman Frank J.Saturday, November 26, 1921Cleveland Police Department
Kovach, Patrolman Stephen M.Sunday, March 11, 1984Cleveland Police Department
Lanier, Patrolman Derrik M.Saturday, March 02, 1996Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority Police Department
Lentz, Lieutenant Edward G.Monday, December 09, 1957Cleveland Police Department
Leon, Patrol Officer Wayne A.Sunday, June 25, 2000Cleveland Police Department
Luses, Deputy Marshal JohnThursday, September 08, 1938United States Marshal's Service
Maher, Patrolman Phillip P.Thursday, May 29, 1975Cleveland Police Department
Maxin, Auxiliary Captain GeorgeFriday, December 31, 1976Willowick Police Department
Mazany, Patrolman Mathew J.Sunday, June 24, 2018Mentor Police Department
McCray, Patrol Officer Alcee S.Saturday, October 14, 1989Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority Police Department
McCue, Detective HarryMonday, July 29, 1935Cleveland Police Department
Meany, Patrolman Edward M.Wednesday, November 29, 1916Cleveland Police Department
Metta, Agent CarlMonday, February 19, 1923Federal Prohibition Enforcement Office
Miktarian, Police Officer Joshua T.Sunday, July 13, 2008Twinsburg Police Department
Miller, Patrolman AlbertWednesday, December 03, 1913Cleveland Police Department
Miller, Patrolman RichardThursday, January 11, 1973East Cleveland Police Department
Mlakar, Patrolman LouisWednesday, July 20, 1938Cleveland Police Department
Moore, Lieutenant Joyce RobbinTuesday, March 22, 1955Willoughby Police Department
Moranz, Patrolman Frank M.Friday, September 26, 1919Cleveland Police Department
Mosholder, Patrolman OttoThursday, December 10, 1936Cleveland Police Department
Mrugacz, Detective Martin E.Thursday, September 29, 1960Cleveland Police Department
Murray, Patrolman Edward Jr.Thursday, July 03, 1975Cleveland Police Department
Muzychenko, Sergeant Michael W.Tuesday, November 25, 1997Lyndhurst Police Department
Nagie, Patrolman EdgarWednesday, March 26, 1958Cleveland Police Department
Nguyen, Patrol Officer VuFriday, July 6, 2018Cleveland Division of Police
Nagy, Patrolman William A.Friday, May 14, 1971Cleveland Police Department
Nightwine, Patrolman Roy R.Sunday, May 11, 1924Cleveland Police Department
Oliver, Special Agent Johnnie L.Thursday, August 09, 1979Federal Bureau of Investigation
Olson, Patrolman Jeffrey B.Wednesday, March 15, 1989Solon Police Department
Osborne, Watchman JohnThursday, December 1, 1853Cleveland Marshal's Office
Owens, Patrol Officer Derek W.Saturday, March 01, 2008Cleveland Police Department
Pahler, Patrolman HermanWednesday, March 08, 1933Cleveland Police Department
Palermo, Deputy Sheriff John P.Friday, January 24, 1964Lorain County Sheriff's Office
Parker, Patrolman EdwardWednesday, June 19, 1912Cleveland Police Department
Paster, Patrolman Gary A.Monday, May 19, 1986Macedonia Police Department
Patton, Officer Thomas IISaturday, March 13, 2010Cleveland Heights Police Department
Perdian, Captain Edward H.Thursday, September 15, 1960Newburgh Heights Police Department
Peterman, Chief Lester G.Monday, February 10, 1964Bentleyville Police Department
Poelking, Captain Jerome C.Monday, December 08, 1975Cleveland Police Department
Prochazka, Detective Sergeant William A.Monday, November 10, 1975Bedford Heights Police Department
Pruehs, Patrolman WalterSunday, October 17, 1920Cleveland Police Department
Reese, Patrolman John S.Thursday, September 02, 1976Cleveland Police Department
Reimer, Patrolman HermanSaturday, January 28, 1911Cleveland Police Department
Reker, Patrolman Norman CarlSaturday, February 21, 1948Cleveland Heights Police Department
Ressler, Patrolman AlfredTuesday, August 06, 1918Cleveland Police Department
Richter, Patrolman Henry A.Friday, February 27, 1925Cleveland Police Department
Robertson, Patrolman Garner M.Sunday, July 08, 1956Valley View Police Department
Rose, Marshal HarrySunday, September 25, 1932Seven Hills Police Department
Ryan, Patrolman James F.Thursday, January 08, 1931Cleveland Police Department
Ryan, Sergeant PatrickFriday, January 14, 1944Cleveland Police Department
Sayle, Deputy Marshall Harry N.Sunday, August 27, 1916Shaker Heights Police Department
Salvino, Deputy James M.Saturday, February 17, 2001Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office
Sanders, Deputy Sheriff LummieWednesday, July 28, 1965Geauga County Sheriff's Office
Saxton, Patrolman John F.Monday, February 15, 1926Cleveland Police Department
Schroeder, Patrol Officer Jonathan “AJ”Thursday, August 31, 2006Cleveland Police Department
Scott, Deputy Sheriff Howard “Jack”Tuesday, August 14, 1956Geauga County Sheriff's Office
Shapiro, Patrolman William N.Friday, April 26, 1974Cleveland Police Department
Sheehan, Sergeant NicholasWednesday, September 5, 1894Cleveland Police Department
Shelton, Patrolman RobertSunday, December 07, 1919Cleveland Police Department
Sherman, Patrolman Carl H.Wednesday, March 06, 1929Cleveland Police Department
Sherry, Patrolman DesmondThursday, July 03, 1980Cleveland Police Department
ShippShipp, Patrolman JohnSunday, May 06, 1900Cleveland Police Department
SkernivitzSkernivitz, Detective James M.Thursday, September 03, 2020Cleveland Police Department
Smith, Patrol Officer DavidWednesday, April 15, 1998Cleveland Police Department
Smith, Patrolman Clarence T.Tuesday, June 06, 1939Cleveland Police Department
Smith, Patrolman Edmund G.Saturday, May 04, 1957Wellington Police Department
Smith, Patrolman Thomas J.Tuesday, March 09, 1993Cleveland Police Department
Smolka, Patrolman FrancisSunday, October 29, 1978Vermilion Police Department
Smykowski, Patrolman Hubert S.Tuesday, October 05, 1976Garfield Heights Police Department
Sprosty, Patrolman ElmerThursday, April 21, 1921Cleveland Police Department
Stainbrook, Patrolman Warren L.Tuesday, August 30, 1955Cleveland Police Department
Stedman, Patrolman James H.Wednesday, January 25, 1905Cleveland Police Department
Stefanov, Patrolman Robert A.Thursday, December 08, 1994Garfield Heights Police Department
Stinchcomb, Patrolman EugeneMonday, May 12, 1952Cleveland Police Department
Strohl, Deputy Sheriff Franklin J.Monday, June 30, 1930Lorain County Sheriff's Office
Sugan, Patrolman Frank A.Saturday, June 28, 1924Cleveland Police Department
Summers, Captain Carl E.Saturday, December 10, 1977Lodi Police Department
Taft, Patrolman Howard B.Tuesday, August 18, 1942Elyria Police Department
Ternansky, Patrolman JosephWednesday, April 01, 1936Cleveland Police Department
Thomas, Police Lieutenant Earl D.Wednesday, December 26, 1951Gates Mills Police Department
Tomaszewski, Deputy Sheriff Kenneth M.Tuesday, July 03, 1979Lorain County Sheriff's Office
Tracz, Patrolman Joseph P., Jr.Monday, September 28, 1970Cleveland Police Department
Vacha, Patrolman Frederick D.Wednesday, June 20, 1973Cleveland Police Department
Vapenik, Marshal JohnSaturday, August 28, 1920Maple Heights Police Department
Officer Kenneth VelezVelez, Trooper KennethThursday, September 15, 2016Ohio State Highway Patrol
Walton, Police Chief Henry L.Sunday, March 12, 1950Fairview Park Police Department
Webber, Patrolman Fred J.Saturday, December 22, 1923Lorain Police Department
Wehagen, Patrolman RobertFriday, July 08, 1938Cleveland Police Department
Weick, Patrolman Louis D.Thursday, December 10, 1903Cleveland Police Department
West, Investigator Jason D.Saturday, May 26, 2007Cleveland Heights Police Department
White, Parole Officer Robert A.Friday, April 27, 1979Ohio Adult Parole Authority
White, Patrolman RichardThursday, August 04, 1927Cleveland Police Department
Wieczorek, Patrolman AnthonyThursday, September 13, 1928Cleveland Police Department
Wilcox, Patrol Officer Leonard B.Friday, January 31, 1986Veterans Administration Police
Wiley, Patrolman David R.Wednesday, September 05, 1979Mayfield Village Police Department
Williams, Police Officer Aubrey R.Tuesday, November 07, 1989North Olmsted Police Department
Wolf, Deputy Town Marshal ClintonMonday, June 28, 1926Parma Police Department
Wolff, Patrolman Willard J.Tuesday, July 23, 1968Cleveland Police Department
Woodall, Patrolman Robert BWednesday, March 10, 1971Oberlin Police Department
Yaxley, Deputy Marshal Lawrence R.Sunday, January 30, 1927Mentor Village Marshal's Office
Yoder, Marshal Harvey A.Monday, July 20, 1925Bay Village Police Department
Zicarelli, Detective GeorgeMonday, September 17, 1979Cleveland Police Department
Ziska, Patrolman Otto J.Sunday, March 31, 1940Cleveland Police Department