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Moranz, Patrolman Frank M.

END OF WATCH: September 26, 1919 Cleveland Police Department On Thursday, September 24, 1919, while patrolling Cleveland’s downtown district just before midnight, Patrolman Frank Moranz encountered a suspicious male loitering in an alley near Prospect and Ontario Avenues. As Patrolman Moranz approached to question the male, a second subject attacked him from behind. A struggleRead More

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Isaac, Sergeant William C.

END OF WATCH: December 1, 1919 Cleveland Police Department Age: 38 William C. Isaac, an amateur baseball player and nephew of a former Lieutenant (Albert Isaac, now retired), was appointed to the police force on May 11, 1906. Serving as a patrolman for six years, he was then appointed to the Detective Bureau and laterRead More

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Shelton, Patrolman Robert

END OF WATCH: December 7, 1919 Cleveland Police Department Age: 43 On Sunday, December 7, 1919, shortly after 2:00 am, Patrolman Robert Shelton, was shot and killed in the line of duty. Shelton was the second officer to be killed within a week and the fourth officer killed in less than a year. On DecemberRead More

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Vapenik, Marshal John

END OF WATCH: August 28, 1920 Maple Heights Police Department Age: 48 Marshal John Vapenik was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a vehicle as he patrolled Libby Road for whiskey runners. As he rounded a curve on the road his motorcycle was struck from behind by a car that was following him. HeRead More

Connolly, Captain Edward B.

END OF WATCH: September 8, 1920 Cleveland Heights Police Department Age: 42 On Thursday, September 2, 1920 at 3:00 a.m. Patrolman Ralph W. Newnes notified Captain Connolly at the police station his discovery of burglars in the basement of the Miller Drug Company store at 2135 Cedar Road. Captain Connolly and several patrolmen returned toRead More

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Pruehs, Patrolman Walter

END OF WATCH: October 18, 1920 Cleveland Police Department Age: 26 Walter J. Pruehs was a patrolman for five years attached to the flying squad unit, when he was shot and killed by three armed gunmen on October 18, 1920. On October 18, 1920, Officer Pruehs noticed three men loitering and acting suspiciously on theRead More

Block, Patrolman Albert

END OF WATCH: February 11, 1921 Cleveland Police Department Age: 36 “On November 11, 1912, Albert H. Block was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department. One cold Thursday night, Patrolman Block and Patrolman Callan, both of the vice squad were investigating a gambling in progress complaint at a club on E. 6th and St. Clair.Read More

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Dyke, Patrolman August E.

END OF WATCH: March 24, 1921 Cleveland Police Department August Dyke was appointed to the position of Patrol Officer on February 15, 1917 and was reputed to be one of the “best shots” in the department.   On February 20, 1921, while walking in the neighborhood, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jennings came upon a “robberyRead More

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Sprosty, Patrolman Elmer

END OF WATCH: April 21, 1921 Cleveland Police Department Age: 24 On October 16, 1920, Elmer Sprosty was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department as a patrolman. Felled by a gunman’s bullet on April 21, 1921, he was a policeman for only six months and five days. He was the son of Captain Frank D.Read More

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Koran, Patrolman Frank J.

END OF WATCH: November 26, 1921 Cleveland Police Department Age: 45 On Friday, November 25, 1921, at midnight, while on foot patrol at E. 40th Street and Quincy Avenue, Patrolman Frank J. Koran and his partner witnessed three subjects robbing two citizens. As officers approached, the suspects fled on foot. Officers chased the suspects intoRead More