Metta, Agent Carl

END OF WATCH: February 19, 1923 Federal Prohibition Enforcement Officer Age: 34 Federal Prohibition Agents –“revenuers” – came into prominence in 1919 with the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the Volstead Prohibition Enforcement Act. They were commonly referred to as “Dry Agents” and were the bane of bootleggers and all whoRead More

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Kilbane, Patrolman Samuel

END OF WATCH: April 19, 1923 Cleveland Police Department Samuel Kilbane was born in Northern Ireland in 1875 and came to Cleveland in 1897. In 1908 Samuel became a member of the Cleveland Police Department and was assigned to the Mounted Unit. On April 19, 1923, after completing a tour of duty in the downtownRead More

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Griffin, Patrolman Dennis

END OF WATCH: May 14, 1923 Cleveland Police Department Friday, May 11, 1923, Patrolman Dennis Griffin was detailed to watch for a suspect at a garage on Elgin Avenue. At 6:30 am, Patrolman Griffin was relieving Patrolman Henry Hughes when Griffin spotted a “machine” that fit the description of one sought by the police. GriffinRead More

Webber, Patrolman Fred J.

END OF WATCH: December 22, 1923 Lorain Police Department Appointed to the Lorain Police Department on February 18, 1918, Patrolman Webber was the city’s first officer killed in the line of duty. Patrolman Webber was slain while attempting to arrest Walter Thomas, a drunk-crazed gunman. Patrolman Webber and Patrol Driver Mackerty were called to aRead More

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Nightwine, Patrolman Roy R.

END OF WATCH: May 11, 1924 Cleveland Police Department On March 1, 1920, Roy Nightwine became a Cleveland Policeman and was assigned to the motorcycle unit. One day while on motorcycle patrol, Officer Nightwine was thrown off his motorcycle near E. 140th and Sylvia, receiving only minor injuries. A year later, Nightwine would again fallRead More

Sugan, Patrolman Frank A.

END OF WATCH: June 28, 1924 Cleveland Police Department Age: 25 On March 1, 1920, Officer Frank Sugan was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department. On Saturday June 28, 1924, Patrolman Sugan was assigned to E. 107th and Euclid Ave. area for a call of several power lines downed during a violent summer storm. SuganRead More

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Hahnel, Patrolman Michael J.

END OF WATCH: October 20, 1924 Shaker Heights Police Department Age: 28 On Friday, October 17, 1924, Patrolman Michael Hahnel and Patrolman Frank Dietrich were painting stop signs at S. Moreland and Lee Road. A speeding automobile, lacking due caution, was halted by the two officers. The officers did not know the two men inRead More

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Fromm, Patrolman Peter

END OF WATCH: February 13, 1925 Cleveland Police Department On November 30, 1923, Patrolman Fromm was shot and seriously wounded at 12:05 a.m. at the corner of Central Avenue & E. 30th Street. Officer Fromm later died on February 13, 1925, from complications due to his wounds. Patrolman Fromm sustained a cut on his handRead More

Richter, Patrolman Henry A.

END OF WATCH: February 27, 1925 Cleveland Police Department Age: 49 The way Patrolman Henry Richter met his death on February 26, 1925, was reminiscent of tales of the old west where two men stood toe-to-toe and emptied their guns until one or both fell. Patrolman Richter was detailed to the National Refining Company gasolineRead More

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Frantz, Patrolman Charles J.

END OF WATCH: April 14, 1925 Cleveland Police Department Patrolman Frantz was a motorcycle traffic officer assigned to Cleveland’s ninth precinct. On Tuesday, April 14, 1925, at 3:00 pm, he was dispatched to Ridge Road and Flowerdale Avenue to investigate an auto accident. While responding southbound on Scranton Road near the Big Four Railroad bridge,Read More