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Brenner, Marshal George

END OF WATCH: July 18, 1883 Wellington Village Marshal’s Officer On the late evening of July 17, 1883 Wellington Marshal George Brenner was made aware of suspicious men in the area of Houghtons Drug store. Marshal Brenner watched the men from Footes Stable and saw them enter the alley behind the Union Block. Brenner firstRead More

Hulligan, Detective William

END OF WATCH: February 8, 1887 Cleveland Police Department It was 1887, Cleveland was growing by leaps and bounds and crime was on the rise. To make matters worse, the “Blinky Morgan Gang” had arrived in town, making their presence known through a series of burglaries and safe jobs. One of the last and largestRead More

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Sheehan, Sergeant Nicholas

END OF WATCH: September 5, 1894 Cleveland Police Department September 5, 1894, at 3:00 am, Sergeant Sheehan and Patrolman Ralph were on patrol on a part of Clark Avenue known as “Cuba,” a Bohemian settlement between the Big Four tracks and Burton Street. Hearing a call for police on Clark Avenue, the officers rushed inRead More

Officer Profile

Weick, Patrolman Louis D.

END OF WATCH: December 10, 1903 Cleveland Police Department Patrolman Louis D. Weick was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department in March of 1903 and was considered by many to be a popular officer. Cleveland Police Chief Kohler referred to Weick as an excellent officer. Weick was assigned to the First Precinct and lived onRead More

Stedman, Patrolman James H.

END OF WATCH: January 25, 1905 Cleveland Police Department Patrolman James H. Stedman was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on July 1, 1895, and served in the First and Eighth Precincts. Most of his time was spent in the First Precinct. For the first few years of his service, he was in plain clothes.Read More

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Reimer, Patrolman Herman

END OF WATCH: January 28, 1911 Cleveland Police Department Our Men in Blue….Patrolman Herman Reimer was one of our men in blue who died in his uniform with the blood from the wound in his heart coloring the blue of his coat a deep crimson. Saturday, January 28, 1911, Reimer’s Lieutenant warned his platoon toRead More

Chapman, Patrolman Walter C.

END OF WATCH: August 22, 1911 Cleveland Police Department Patrolman Walter C. Chapman was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on June 19, 1886, and was considered by his fellow officers to be a well-liked officer. Chapman was assigned to the Fifth Precinct but had been recently transferred to the Third Precinct to work strikeRead More

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Parker, Patrolman Edward

END OF WATCH: June 19, 1912 Cleveland Police Department Patrolman Edward Parker, appointed February 4, 1911, was shot and killed on Wednesday morning, June 19, 1912 by rioting strikers at the East 26th Street crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Parker attempted to disperse a crowd of angry Italian workers who were striking for better wages.Read More

Bouker, Patrolman Leroy E.

END OF WATCH: November 27, 1912 Cleveland Police Department On November 27, 1912, at 10:10 pm, Patrolman Leroy E. Bouker of Cleveland’s Second Precinct was shot and killed as he attempted to capture three men who just robbed William S. Bracken’s meat market at 1648 St. Clair Avenue. Patrolman Bouker was the 11th Cleveland PoliceRead More

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Miller, Patrolman Albert

END OF WATCH: December 3, 1913 Cleveland Police Department Patrolman Albert Miller was a two year veteren of the Cleveland Police Department and assigned to the 3rd Precinct. On Sunday, November 30, 1913, in the early morning hours, Patrolman Albert Miller of was asleep in his home on Mead Avenue. Two doors away, neighbor JosephRead More