Dean, Police Officer Jarod M.

END OF WATCH: January 19, 2009 Boston Heights Police Department Age: 24 On Monday, January 19, 2009 at 5:30am, 24-year old officer Jarod M. Dean was struck and killed by a truck while clearing debris from the roadway on state route 8 in the Village of Boston Heights. While on patrol, Dean came upon debrisRead More

Bastock, Police Officer Jonathan

END OF WATCH: February 5, 2011 Stow Police Department Age: 47 | Badge# 739 | Tour of Duty: 17 years Incident Details Cause of Death: Duty related illness Date of Incident: January 6, 2011 Weapon Used: Not available Suspect Info: Not available Officer Jonathan Bastock passed away from complications of an on duty injury heRead More

Patton, Officer Thomas II

END OF WATCH: March 13, 2010 Cleveland Heights Police Department Age: 30 | Badge# 345 | Tour of Duty: 9 years Incident Details Cause of Death: Heart attack Date of Incident: Saturday, March 13, 2010 Weapon Used: Not available Suspect Info: Not available Officer Thomas Patton died from a heart attack after collapsing while chasingRead More

Kerstetter, Patrolman James

END OF WATCH: March 15, 2010 Elyria Police Department Age: 43 | Badge #177 | Tour of Duty: 15 years Incident Details Cause of Death: Gunfire Date of Incident: Monday, March 15, 2010 Weapon Used: Gun; Unknown type Suspect Info: Shot and killed Patrolman James Kerstetter was shot and killed after responding to a callRead More

Gresko, Police Officer Jason

END OF WATCH: September 21, 2012 Willoughby Police Department Age: 32 On Friday, September 21, 2012 at 9:35 PM, Willoughby PD Police Officer Jason Gresko was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Harmony Lane in that city. PO Gresko was responding in his police car with lights and siren in operation to assist anotherRead More

Crapo, Village Marshal Spooner C.

END OF WATCH: November 11, 1905 Rochester Village, Lorain County Age: 68 Born in Pittsfield Township, Ohio on October 12, 1837, Crapo was orphaned as a small boy. He later called Rochester Ohio, home. Rochester is a small village in the south west corner of Lorain County, Ohio. It is here that he spent theRead More

Cook, Detective Thomas

END OF WATCH: July 12, 1920 New York Central Railroad Department Age 36 Whiskey Island is a peninsula at the north mouth of the Cuyahoga River at Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Configured in 1827 when the river’s mouth was moved to its present location, it is one mile long and one third mile atRead More

Barnes, Detective Sergeant David H.

END OF WATCH: July 28, 1920 New York Central Railroad Police In the early 1900’s the Elyria Police Department maintained a “Bum Cell”. As many as thirty to sixty transients a day would be rounded up from the railroad yards, and incarcerated for the night. In the morning they would be sent on their wayRead More

Foulks, Detective Lieutenant William L.

End of Watch: September 29, 1900 Cleveland Police Department Age 38 The fatal shooting occurred when a fight broke out between striking union molders and non-union men who were brought in to work the striking molders’ jobs. When the fight broke out, shots were fired. At the time, Detectives Foulks and Parker were inside anRead More


Shipp, Patrolman John

End of Watch: May 6, 1900 Cleveland Police Department Appointed on December 2, 1892, Patrolman Shipp was a 7-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department. Patrolman Shipp served the majority of his tenure in the Third District and was described by his superiors and peers as an officer with a great deal of courage andRead More